What happens if a flight is missed? Have there ever been times when you missed a flight? If the answer is yes, you must be aware of the chaotic situation at the airport. The airport is filled with passengers who are wondering what will happen next. But when you are travelling with one of the greatest airlines in the United States, American Airlines, you don’t need to worry at all. Here, we will discuss the American airlines missed flight policy in detail.
American Airlines Missed Flight Policy

What is American Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Flight delays and cancellations are the most frequent things amongst airlines. A situation like this could have happened to almost any traveller. Yet, it’s also possible that you’ll arrive at the airport late for any reason and miss your flight. The missed flight policy of American Airlines is not mentioned in written. They deal with these circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Also, it is based on when you arrived at the airport. According to American Airlines policy, the carrier handles issues involving missing flights.

  • Within two hours of the flight’s scheduled departure, any passenger who is late for check-in will be assigned to a seat on the next flight without being charged.
  • The majority of domestic American Airlines flights have a 45-minute check-in cutoff. Even a few minutes after the flight’s departure, you get your next flight if you arrive too late to check in.
  • After baggage checking, the standby option is not available unless you have AAdvantage elite status.

What happens if I miss a flight with American Airlines?

If an American Airlines delay led you to miss your flight, you are eligible for compensation. You will have two options in this situation: accept the airline’s offer to reserve a seat on the next flight to the same location, or request for compensation.

As per the airlines, customers can quickly reserve their seats on the next trip if there is space available. Even if a passenger misses their flight, they can immediately find another flight and still take advantage of the airline’s services if they arrive at the airport within the allotted time. You have the freedom to take advantage of its benefits whenever you want. Customers can take advantage of American Airlines uninterpreted services and its rebooked policy, and you can easily catch a flight. (Consider that consumers must reach the airport by the deadline and board a flight within the allotted time)

Also, there is a chance that you will get on the first flight the next morning if you miss the final flight of the day. You must meet one of the requirements listed below:

  • If you are running late for check-in at the airport
  • They were unable to show valid travel documents, and they missed their flight.
  • Did not apply for or receive an ESTA (electronic system for travel authorization)
  • They arrived at the wrong airport to catch their flight.

Procedure to rebook the missed flight:

If you miss the flight, follow the steps below to rebook it and get the new flight:

  • You must open the official American Airlines website on your device.
  • Next, you must add the passenger’s last name and booking reference number to your account’s managed booking page in order to log in.
  • Review the trip you missed by going to the home screen.
  • The next step is to choose the new flight and provide the necessary information for the destination and passenger count.
  • You will be given a list of the best flights that are still available, and you must choose one.
  • After selecting your flight, you must check-in to receive your boarding pass.
  • You can activate notifications to receive updates on the status of your flight and its departure time.
  • You will then be taken to the flight payment page where you must make any necessary payments, if any.
  • Your flight will be rebooked, and you’ll receive a confirmation message at the registered email you provided.

You can get in touch with the customer support team and speak with a representative if you are unable to book the missing flight yourself. They will provide you the missed flight policy for American Airlines and book you the most suitable flight for your location. On their contact page, you can find a variety of ways to reach them.

Things to remember when you miss a flight on American Airlines

If you miss your flight due to any reason mentioned above, you are provided with a replacement flight. In the case that you miss your American Airlines flight, keep the following in mind:

  • Get in touch with the airline’s office as soon as you can.
  • If you purchased the ticket through a booking service, get in touch with them.
  • Complete your documentation or other requirements (if any) that prevented you from boarding the last flight.
  • Keep in touch with the airport staff so you can get a seat on the next flight.

If there are seats available, you may board the next American Airlines flight; otherwise, you may board the flight next to that one without paying any extra fees.