If you have recently retired and wish to experience elder care, you can go abroad. However, you should relax if the expensive fare makes you hesitant to travel. Numerous airlines provide their customers with fascinating diverse offers in an effort to make their journey memorable and control costs.

So, if you decide to fly with American Airlines, you can reduce the cost of the trip by applying for the airlines senior citizen discount. For qualifying passengers who are 65 years of age or older, American Airlines normally offers a senior citizen discount of 10% to 15% off the stated fare. If you’re one of the many travellers who are unaware of the senior citizen discount offered by American Airlines, you should review the specified steps before booking the flight tickets.

Here are the steps to get American Airlines senior citizens discount:

  • You must first use your browser to visit the official American Airlines website.
  • Select the Advanced Search option.
  • Choose Senior Discount from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your travel information, including your destinations and dates, to find flights.
  • On the following available page, you will now find the discounted flights according to the senior citizen discount.
  • Choose a flight between the options that are offered, then make your bookings with a credit card or another method.

The methods mentioned above make it very easy to get a senior citizen discount on an American Airlines flight to your desired destination. But if you’re still unclear about how to qualify for the senior discount, contact American Airlines to get the answers you need.

What is the Senior Citizen Policy of American Airlines?

Do you wish to take advantage of American Airlines senior citizen discounts on your desired route? If you are qualified for it, you can simply receive it. As a result, before applying for a senior citizen discount on American Airlines, you must be aware of the American airlines policy for senior citizens in order to understand the necessary guidelines and other crucial details regarding senior citizen discounts. You can follow the specified guidelines for that if you don’t know anything about American Airlines senior citizen policy.

American Airlines Senior Citizens Policy:

  • Only passengers 65 years of age or older are eligible for the senior citizen discount policy.
  • Just the flights offered by AA are eligible for this discount, but only to selected international locations.
  • Prices vary depending on the type of ticket and may change at the time of booking because they don’t always stay the same.
  • There are no advertisements for senior citizen discounts; they are exclusively available on the official American Airlines website.
  • You can check out American Airlines official website for more information on this. You cannot receive a senior citizen for the additional passenger who has joined your travel itinerary.

According to the above mentioned guideline, you will be able to learn about the American Airlines senior citizen discount in a very suitable way. To learn more about the applicable rules and restrictions as well as other things, you may also contact the American Airlines reservations service through the various ways.

How Many Discounts Do Senior Citizens Get on American Airlines Flights?

The amount of the discounts changes minute by minute, therefore it’s impossible to say with certainty about how much discounts you will receive on American Airlines flights. However, you can use the Advanced Search feature on the official website to check the discounts for your American Airlines tickets. You will be able to view the savings that are available based on your selected route and flights on your screen after searching for your flight under the senior discount.

How to check if American Airlines flights offer a senior citizen discount:

  • Visit American Airlines official website by using your preferred device, such as a phone or computer. 
  • You can check the Advanced search box available next to the booking tab.
  • The Senior Discount option must be selected from the drop-down menu.
  • You can now do a flight search for your American Airlines flight, and the list of discounted flights will appear on the following page.
  • After that, you can book a flight in accordance with your travel needs and budget after checking any applicable discounts.

You can directly contact American Airlines reservations service for the best possible information if you have any further inquiries about senior discounts or any other issues relating to American Airlines discounts.