American Airlines Name Change Policy

It can be difficult to change the passenger’s names after they have been mentioned on the flight ticket. American Airlines offers complete assistance to its customers during the reservation or cancellation of a ticket process. However, due to the rules and restrictions that must be followed, the process for changing a passenger’s name can be a little challenging. Let’s take a step-by-step approach to resolving this issue for you. We’ll start with American Airlines name change policy, then go over the process and the associated fees.

What is the American Airlines Name Change Policy?

  • According to the American Airlines name change policy, any passenger can make the changes in the case of a minor error.
  • The name on a person’s ticket cannot be changed by American airlines to another person.
  • If a person got married or got divorced after making the reservations, they are allowed to completely change their last name. In order to complete the name change process in a ticket, the passengers must provide the necessary papers.
  • According to American Airlines policy on name changes, travellers are not required to pay any fees to make minor changes to their names.
  • For local and international flights, additional correction fees and name change processing fees will be required.

How to Change the Name on an American Airlines Flight Ticket?

To Change the name on your American airlines flight ticket, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the American Airlines official website.
  • Click on the “My trips” tab.
  • To open your account, you must then click the manage trips option.
  • You need to enter the account’s username, last name, and password. You can access your booking by clicking the log-in button.
  • You must choose the required flight, change the last name, then tap the edit button from the available options.
  • With this, you may receive the passenger information and make the necessary changes by entering the passenger’s last name again.
  • You will proceed on to the payment page after tapping the save button.
  • To confirm the process and save the changes, you must make the payment, if any.

By Calling the Customer Care Support Number:

Also, you can contact the American airlines customer care support team to change the name on your flight ticket. Our customer care support number is:+1-888-982-1907 We will change the name on your flight ticket in no time.

Use Email Services:

You can also connect with the American airlines by using email services. All you need to do is write the email to change the name on your ticket and send it to the American airlines official email id. It is one of the easiest ways to connect with American airlines. It can be mostly used when you are unable to connect with them through a phone number.

Types of Name Corrections:

Major Name Corrections: The travellers’ last names have the most significant name change in the itinerary. Only “R” inventory and codeshare flight segments on the carriers will allow you to complete this. Also, it needed a new PNR number because changing an existing or previous PNR number is not allowed.

Minor Name Corrections: Passengers are allowed to change their names if there is even the slightest mistake, and they are not required to pay any fees or charges in order to do so. Only the itineraries of American Airlines and American Eagle Flight are eligible to such changes by passengers.

How to Change the Name on an American Airlines Flight Ticket?

On American Airlines, a traveller can change the name on their tickets. All you need to do is call the American airlines customer care support number. Ask a customer service representative to alter the name for you. Pay with the payment link that was issued to your registered mobile number.

American Airlines Name Change Fee:

For name changes, American Airlines charges a fee from its customers. To avoid the American Airlines name change fee, we suggested that you make adjustments within the 24 hours after purchasing the ticket. The cost to change your name varies depending on a number of factors, but it often costs between $200 and $300.

Can I change the name on an American Airlines ticket If I have non-refundable tickets?

If you have purchased a non-refundable ticket with American airlines then you are not able to make any changes on the ticket. To change the name on a ticket you have to booked a refundable ticket or you can change your ticket by paying the penalty pee.